The Show

Creating Arthur

The first live show created by Last Nerve Theatrics had it's debut in a Chicago suburban regional playhouse. Playing to several packed houses and breaking the theaters walk-in record, the first run of the play was a resounding success. The play brings together two estranged brothers--Alex and Andy.  After their older sibling Arthur passes away, Alex and Andy discover they not only have very different memories of their recently deceased older sibling but also how the perseave the world around them. The hilarity ensues when they join forces to resolve what at least one of them believes is a slight of their older sibling Arthur- not becoming a famous artist. Alex and Andy hatch an elaborate and unpredictable plan to get one of Arthur’s paintings into a museum. As you might imagine, not all goes to plan and the brother’s mettle, mutual respect and love are tested along the way. 

This play is available to all theater levels—student, regional and professional. For information, contact Last Nerve Theatrics at 847-543-6729 or at